Classic Gingerbread Made Mini cookie cutter

tree stick made mini3.jpg
tree stick made mini3.jpg

Classic Gingerbread Made Mini cookie cutter

from 2.00

This shape was based of our stick collection, slightly altered to make a chubby mini cutter. although you can purchase in other sizes as well. Just Please keep in mind this design is a very chubby design.

Mini 2 in x 1.9 in

Small 3 in x 2.85 in

Medium 3.5 in x 3.325 in

Large 4 in x 3.8 in

Favor 5 x 4.75 In

XXL 6 in x 5.71 in

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size info:

mini 2inch

small 3 inch

medium 3.5 inch

large 4 inch

favor (xlarge) 5 inch

chubby ( extra extra large) 6 inch

other sizes available just send us a message. thank you.!


care instruction:

hand wash in lukewarm warm only!

not dishwasher safe - keep away from all forms of heat!


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—we ask that our designs are respected and not purchased at “knock off” shops. or taken and printed on your home printers. however, we do offer the digital downloads to our designs so they can be purchased and downloaded and then you may print them on your home printers. we appreciate the understanding and your support of our family business. thank you. -jh