Our Beginning 

just one cookier's dream that turned into a full time family business. we opened our cookie business in september 2014. however my cookie obsession started a year before that on my daughters 3rd birthday. i was always affordable with my pricing. i just had a love for it and wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them. but by doing so, i limited myself to the cookie cutters i could purchase. so my husband decided he would print my cookie cutters for me so i wouldn't have to hand cut anymore. that one printer inspired us to open up a shop that all cookiers around the globe could not only enjoy but help them succeed in their own cookie business'. we put in lots of hours of working it out but we did it. corey and i opened our cookie cutter shop on etsy april 1st 2017. where we have sold over 100 thousand cookie cutters in our first year in a half around the world. 

Corey Hill

owner, tech and daily operations

The brains of the operation. Since he runs our daily operation, he keeps our machines running smoothly. He also designed our cookie cutter model. He was previously an operations supervisor for sonic in multiple states. With that background he was able to figure out how to offer quality cookie cutters without the pricey price tag you see across the board in our industry, topped with the best customer service.

Jennifer Hill

owner, designer & daily operations

The Cookier behind our cookie cutters. I also run our daily operations. I have been drawing since I was a young child. My dad was an artist, and my mom was a crafter. So its no surprise that I found my way to cookie decorating which led me to making cookie cutters. Doing what i do is a true blessing.